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“I am a general dentist in Glendale, AZ. Like all dentists, I have patients that were unable to get treatment completed due to fear or anxiety. A few years ago I was introduced to Dr. Khan and was amazed at what he offered. Dr. Khan carries all of his own licenses, brings all of his own equipment, and he also completes all of the pre-op medical checks and reviews. I was able to start offering sedation to these patients under the care of a dental anesthesiologist. 

With challenging surgical cases, it is nice to have a trained anesthesiologist monitoring the patient’s vital and sedation so I am able to completely focus on the procedure. Dr. Khan is amazing at his craft, and we have done many cases of sedation dentistry together. He has never stepped on my toes while in my office, and he always gives the patient’s health his top priority. I would highly recommend Dr. Khan to all dentists and surgeons looking to offer more comprehensive sedation for their patients.”

- Matt Parker DMD 

“Comfortable quality care in the modern dental and specialty office includes opportunity for sedation services. Working with Dr. Khan to provide anesthesia services in our office has raised the bar of the quality of care, as well as the scope of procedures we can comfortably provide in our periodontal office for our valuable patients. Dr. Khan is an extremely competent anesthesiologist with a kind and gentle chair-side manner. I trust him to provide sedation services in my office and value the successful care he has provided.”

- Aristidis Pontikas DMD, MS

“As an oral surgeon trained in operator anesthesia, I do not get to work with an anesthesiologist on a regular basis.

Due to the broad scope of my practice and the fact that I work with medically compromised patients, as well as head and neck cancer patient with very delicate and radiated airways, sometimes I need to work with an anesthesiologist.

At times like that, I demand the best and expect my anesthesiologist to provide excellent sedation, pain control, medical care and airway support to my patients.

Dr. Asaad Khan is my go-to anesthesiologist when I need to concentrate on surgery while someone else takes care of my patient. He beats all of my expectations, and I am confident that while my patients are under his care I have nothing to worry about other than taking care of the immediate surgical needs of my patients. I recommend him without any reservations to any dentist that requires the professional and skilled expertise of a dental anesthesiologist.”

- Vishatb Broumand, MD

Oral and Maxillofacial Tumor and Reconstructive Surgeon

Diplomate, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Fellow, American Academy of Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons